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We provide multiple services for the entire Ottawa West area

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We serve the Kanata and Stittsville areas as well as all of Ottawa West. If you’re unsure whether you’re part of our territory, give us a call!

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Worker trimming hedges

Hedge Trimming & Removal

Hedges and shrubbery are wonderful accents to a beautiful lawn. If you’ve got hedges or shrubs, we can help you keep them looking respectable, enhancing your lovely lawn and creatine a look and ambiance around your home that’s inviting. Let Denali look after your hedges from early on, maintaining them throughout the season and crafting the look that you wish. We work on shrubbery and hedges on an on-call basis as well, so if you’ve got hedges that are out of control we can be at the rescue! Hedge shaping, thinning and renewing are among the many services we provide.

Let’s work together to set a schedule for hedge and shrub trimming, part of an overall lawn and exterior plan to augment the home you desire and deserve.

Interlock Installation

If you are looking for a way to connect your stunning landscape and create comfortable seating and walkways areas throughout your property, look no further than Denali. With a wide range of patterns, sizes, and shapes of paving stones we can turn your vision into a reality.

A beautiful interlock can do wonders to your home. Aside from being visually stunning, it adds value to your home, enhances your landscaping designs, and provides a wonderful new functionality to your front or back yard.

Stone stairs and flowers
Person digging

Garden Beds

Got a green thumb? Great! We’ll work with you to create garden beds that accentuate your home, lawn and landscaping. Raised garden beds are increasingly popular these days. They not only make your home environment more appealing, but add to the intangible value of your lifestyle.

If you like to take full care of your garden, we can work with you to design it and then let you have free reign of your flowers and plants! Or, if you prefer, we can execute the ongoing care for your garden on whatever level you choose. Our services include garden bed inspection, weed control, refreshing and rejuvenation and much more. Garden beds add a personal touch to any home!

Plant Installation

Much like garden beds, plants are a wonderful enhancement for your home’s exterior. We’ll work with you to select the right plants that will grow in your given environment and circumstances (shade, sun, moisture, size and scope, etc.).

Rely on our lawn and landscaping experience to come up with the right mix of plants. While flowers are beautiful, their period of bloom is all too short. Plants are long-term, adding life and vitality to your lawn and garden throughout the year.

Person planting tree
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Mulch Installation

Denali has been providing mulch and ground cover installation services around Ottawa for several years. Landscape mulch contributes towards a healthy lawn by retaining moisture in the soil. This is particularly helpful when we go through dry streaks in the summertime.

Our installation methods will ensure that your lawn mulch has a smoother, more seamless look. Hardwood mulch is popular and can give your lawn an enhanced look of beauty and sophistication. Contact Denali today to get started on mulch installation services as part of a lawn care program.

Mulch and trees
Lawn with rocks and hedges

River Rock Installation

River rock design and installation, when done properly, can add significant value and enhanced beauty to your lawn and home exterior. River rocks come in various shapes, sizes and colours, so it’s wise to plan with the end goal in mind. We’ll work with you to transform an ordinary lawn into an oasis of beauty and tranquility.

The only limits are imagination… and budget, of course. As your lawn and garden are taking shape, river rock installations will create a unique ambiance for this season and for years to come.

Spring and Fall Cleanup

The seasons here in Ottawa are distinct and potentially extreme, aren’t they?! Springtime means cleaning up after a long and harsh winter. That’s a time when your lawn needs extra care.

We’ll arrive onsite with heavy-duty cleanup in mind, prepared for anything the wind might have blown or the ground might have given up during the winter months. The goal is to get your lawn cleaned up and ready for spring and summer growth and beauty. Then, come autumn, we’ll be back out to get your lawn, yard and garden prepared for the next winter ahead. It’s all part of the cycle of lawn life here in Ottawa, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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